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We help UK businesses become global market leaders.

We’re defining and growing the Advanced Urban Services sector – internationally and within the UK. We help businesses, small and large, to understand the market and build digital products and services that serve the essential needs of cities. How we can work with you depends on who you are and what you do.


How we work with startups and SMEs

We help small businesses develop digital products and services to solve hard problems and become industry leaders. With our in-house knowledge and expertise we help SMEs understand their current market position, define clear priorities and gaps in the market to tackle with products and services, and develop the capabilities required to work at city-scale.

We work across all stages of development from idea and prototype to market-ready offer and international distribution. We help SMEs overcome barriers to testing prototypes in real-world environments by providing the expertise needed to navigate regulatory and government processes along with access to networks to find those valuable first customers and get user feedback.

Through open calls we identify high calibre startups and SMEs to partner with. These businesses have the opportunity to meet and pitch to our network of industry decision makers, potential partners, clients, and investors. Small businesses also benefit from the events, expertise, and facilities we offer to help them become world-leading companies.

There are quite a few ways to get involved:


How we work with large organisations

We help larger organisations understand their current market position and capabilities, establish smart city roadmaps that prioritise products and services relevant now and in the future, and access the right experts and innovators needed to overcome mission-critical challenges.

We offer a tailored mixture of services on a short and long-term basis. Our experience tells us that larger organisations have unique needs so get in touch so we can find out more about how we can help.


The services we offer

We offer a range of different services to help businesses innovate and grow. There’s a quick overview of each below. Our services page has more information.

New business opportunities and open calls

Thanks to our extensive networks we’re able to offer regular business opportunities across the public and private elements of the Advanced Urban Services sector.

Innovation sprints

We’ll help you understand your current market position and capabilities so you can establish a smart cities roadmap that priorities relevant products and services. At an organisational level we can develop proven processes and strategies that facilitate a focus on and growth in advanced urban services.

Urban hackathon

Tackling problems effectively is hard. Even defining what a problem is can be a challenge. Sometimes a short, intense period of time dedicated to a single issue can help frame it in such a way that solutions become clear.

Industry innovation forum

Cities around the world need access to world class urban solutions, and there is growing demand for UK expertise. Future Cities Catapult convenes global cities with UK government business representatives to form long-term bilateral city-level business agreements in new markets. Thanks to our unique position in the market, we can facilitate this collaboration

City academy

We’re inundated with visions of the future. Designing and implementing impactful strategy among these competing ideas is extremely challenging. Our City Academy helps you navigate this overwhelming landscape to find the right ideas and technologies to carve your place in the growing Advanced Urban Services sector.

Innovation location analysis

In hundreds of cities around the world buildings and districts are being designated future centres of innovation. Many of these locations thrive but many also fail to fulfil their promises. Why does innovation flourish in some places but fizzle out in others?

For more information about how we can help your business succeed, get in touch smeteam@futurecities.catapult.org.

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