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Research and academia

We help researchers produce world-class research with real-world impact.

We’re at the global forefront of technology in cities so we provide expertise in and access to priority, complex issues that helps research organisations and universities expand their research agenda.

Our international industry, government, and academic networks mean we can disseminate research far and wide and work to move from theory to implementation, helping you have a measurable real-world impact.


How we work with research and academia

Future Cities Catapult works to identify priority, under researched problems and provide the route to effectively researching the causes and potential solutions to them.

Not sure how we can partner? A recent impactful and successful initiative, Researchers in Residence, enabled academics to work on projects aligned to challenge areas identified by the Catapults. Future Cities Catapult facilitated research opportunities in digital technology for outcome-based urban planning.

We also convene global cities with UK government, business, and academic representatives to form long-term bilateral city-level business agreements in new markets with our industry innovation forum.

For more information about how we can work together, get in touch info@futurecities.catapult.org.

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