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Cities and local governments

We help cities and local governments clearly define their challenges and find scalable solutions.

In an increasingly urbanised world that puts pressure on finite city resources Future Cities Catapult uses internationally recognised definitions to help city authorities and local governments isolate challenges and blockers to prosperity.

By aligning challenges with a set of interoperable standards shared with other cities, access to the emerging Advanced Urban Services market is opened up where cities can find providers of efficient, standardised solutions to their problems.

Our work helps lay the foundations for stimulating the economy, building resilient urban infrastructure, and fostering strong governance in order to create a better quality of life for citizens. Cities become market-makers, further standardising city problems and therefore finding scalable solutions for big problems.


How we work with cities and local government

Future Cities Catapult holds a central position in a network of over 2000 SMEs already delivering advanced urban services in real-world markets. We help you isolate, define, and frame your problems in ways that have clear paths to solutions. For example, proof of concepts and prototypes.

Then we facilitate public-private partnerships with SMEs that have the needed knowledge and capabilities to build and deliver scalable solutions for the specific problems you want to overcome.


The services we offer

We offer a range of different services to help cities and local governments. There’s a quick overview of each below. Our services page has more information.

Business Facilitation and open call

Future Cities Catapult has built up a database of over 2000 companies in the Advanced Urban Services sector. This places us in the perfect position to match cities who need solutions to their challenges to businesses with the right skill sets to overcome challenges at scale.

Urban hackathon

A collaborative sprint-like design event where teams work intensively for a short period on specific challenges set by cities or local authorities. Outcomes include proof of concepts that can be further developed into prototypes implemented by some of the UK’s top advanced urban services companies.

Industry Innovation Forum

Cities around the world need access to world class urban solutions, and there is growing demand for UK expertise. Future Cities Catapult convenes global cities with UK government business representatives to form long-term bilateral city-level business agreements in new markets.

City Academy

A four-part process that helps define your strategic priorities and provide you with use cases on how innovation can be applied to your city and its citizens. From this you’ll create a roadmap framework that outlines an initial action plan to help you get started and begin building a pipeline of suppliers who can offer solutions to your priorities.

City innovation location

In hundreds of cities around the world buildings and districts are being designated future centres of innovation. Many of these locations thrive but many also fail to fulfil their promises. Why does innovation flourish in some places but fizzle out in others?

For more information about how we can help your business succeed, get in touch info@futurecities.catapult.org.

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