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Urban Mobility

Urban Mobility

Between 2013 and 2030, it is estimated that traffic congestion may cost the British economy as much as £307 billion. We at Future Cities Catapult are breaking through the barriers of innovation so cities, businesses and people can move forward.

With more and more people moving to cities, there is greater pressure placed on public transportation. The systems currently in place are often congested, expensive, polluting and unreliable – bad for citizens and city competitiveness.

We are using our cities expertise to unlock opportunities for UK firms and cities to tackle the key urban mobility challenges such as congestion, pollution and accessibility. We are also supporting the commercialisation of new technologies, including mobility-as-a-service, ‘last mile’ logistics and autonomy, in partnership with the Catapult network, and others.

Learn more about some of our Urban Mobility projects:

Cities Unlocked

Iskandar Innovatie Sustainable Transport Solutions

Urban Mobility Innovation Index (UMii)

To deliver these projects, we are collaborating with academia and the research base, companies, city administrators, Innovate UK and the Catapult network. The main beneficiaries of our work will be SMEs and large firms as well as cities and their citizens.

By making infrastructure and services smarter, we are not only helping support UK businesses in a rapidly growing sector but also enabling cities across the country to become more efficient and productive.

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