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Urban Analytics

Analysis, visualization and modelling for evidence-based urban strategies and innovation.

Cities and their citizens create streams of information that can reveal how the urban environment can work – both now and in the future. To help cites and organisations make the most of this data, we provide expertise in analysis, visualisation, artificial intelligence and modelling


Whether you’re a city, SME or academic, there are pools of data that your organisation generates; data that’s accessible to you if you know where to look; and proprietary data that’s being created but kept locked away. We can help you establish how this data can be used to generate value for you in our growing city markets and understand the potential benefits of opening up your own datasets for others to use.


Data alone cannot solve problems – it needs careful analysis in order to provide valuable insights. We can help cities and businesses understand which challenges can be solved or simplified using data, prototype techniques that can be used to analyse datasets, and help architect the infrastructure that will be needed in the long term.


Numerical analysis doesn’t always provide the insight that all stakeholders require. We can help you with the communication of city data, to help different users understand patterns and trends in the urban environment and turn those insights into actions.


Historic data sets can be used to understand the past and forecast the future. We can provide expertise in using data modelling to simulate future scenarios across different city systems – such as energy provision, housing availability and local health outcomes – and how new products, services and ways of working could affect them.

Market intelligence

The results of analysis, visualisation and modelling can contribute to a wider opportunity to develop commercial information marketplaces. We can help you understand if you should invest resources in organizing, analysing and understanding city data.

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