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Performance in Use

‘A consistent tool to analyse what technology and business models work and don’t work in cities – financial, economic, social and environmental terms.'

What is it?

Our Performance in Use programme is a world-leading research programme developed in collaboration with top academic institutions, designed to unpack the complexities of urban technologies by demonstrating economic, social and environmental impacts.

Who is it for?

Our performance-in-Use programme engages corporates and city authorities who wish to demonstrate impact and potential of digital urban solutions, and those looking to test and understand the economic, social and environmental benefits of urban innovations

What are the benefits?

PIU is an opportunity to shape ground-breaking solutions and translate them into a standardised evaluation framework. It also gives the ability for SMEs or City Authorities to demonstrate the future impact and value of urban digital technology across economic, social and environmental lines.

What makes our offer distinct?

A holistic, academically rigorous and validated evaluation methodology is much needed to shape investment in innovations, but no one currently offers this. Our approach is based on gathering a robust evidence base, examining the interdependencies between economic, social and environmental issues when evaluating the impact and benefits of urban innovations.

What makes up the work we do in this area?

Our work in this area includes rigorous modelling of the potential of a given system/deployment and wider evaluation of impacts across economic, social and environmental domains.

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