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Market Development

Quantifying economic impact and assessing markets to make city ideas profitable.

City markets are complex. There are a multitude of actors and stakeholders to navigate, and not all cities need to establish the same markets or the same type of solutions. We are uniquely placed to help cities and companies of all sizes understand the requirements for different levels of market development.

Economic Analysis

In order to correctly promote economic activity within cities and regions towards productive entrepreneurship, it is imperative that economic analysis is realistic, robust and broad ranging in its applicability. We offer a unique set of frameworks and methods to assist companies and cities prove the economic impact of implementing ICT in the urban environment.  We’re using our analyses to build the world’s first database of economic measurement that will assist in the creation of robust Business Cases.

Building Business Cases

  Building on our database of real-world examples, we are able to help develop innovative business cases.

Market Assessment

For cities, market assessments can help in correctly choosing a strategic direction for growth and prosperity in an era of austerity and needing to “do more with less”. We provide a tailored set of activities that assist cities and companies of all sizes to properly understand the market potential of the areas they are active in or trying to enter.

Digital Strategy

We are able to smoothly assist companies and cities to develop a robust Digital Strategy, applying digital technologies in those areas that will create the biggest return on investments made.

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