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Safer Cycling for Families – Joyride

Safer Cycling for Families – Joyride

Location: London

Joyride partnered with the London Cycling Campaign to test their new sensor, which collects information on how parents who cycle with children commute around the city – specifically, their route, speed, duration and any sudden stop/crash data. Joyride hopes that the data captured will not only better inform cycling infrastructure in the city, but will legitimise cycling as a safe and healthy transport mode for families.

We partnered with London Cycling Campaign for this experiment.

Parents who cycle with their children may have different behaviours than other cyclists, i.e., they may look for quieter routes, cycle at reduced speeds or be more cautious at junctions. Unfortunately, data about this specific type of cyclist often isn’t captured and subsequently, cycling infrastructure isn’t built with them in mind. This means that many parents are deterred from cycling with their children from fear that it is unsafe. Subsequently, they choose less healthy modes of transport to travel around the city.

Joyride addressed this challenge by attaching sensors to volunteers’ bikes to collect data about their routes, speed and duration. The data will now be analysed to identify dangerous cycling spots for families, including routes they should avoid and underused bikes lanes. Joyride hope that this information will help urban planners better understand if current infrastructure meets the needs of families or whether new infrastructure needs to be considered, e.g., more Quietways or separated bike lanes.

LoRa enabled Joyride to test their application by sending data across the dense London environment.

  • With line of sight, Joyride found the range of connectivity from LoRa gateways quite good.
  • Using the LoRa network dramatically increased Joyride’s sensor battery life.
  • LoRa has high payload restrictions, so the team needed to be creative in deciding what data to send across the network.
  • The status of the network wasn’t always reliable and the team would have liked to have seen more gateways, as their sensors were moving throughout the city.
  • A well-defined network and a service level agreement would be required to roll this out.

For more information, please contact hi@joyride.city or visit their website at www.joyride.city.

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