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Whereabouts London

Whereabouts London

London boundaries have been split and merged over hundreds of years, but they've always been based on geography rather than activity.

Now, with growing pools of data to draw on, we have the ability to think about where citizens live in completely different ways.

Using data from the Greater London Authority’s London Datastore, along with other publicly available data sets, Future Cities Catapult has blended 235 sources of information to understand the demographics of London and where they live.

Cluster map

Cluster map

Using data from the Food Standards Agency, the Office for National Statistics, Land Registry, OpenStreetMap, Flickr and Transport for London, we clustered London into eight Whereabouts, based on similarities between people and places. You can explore the results on the Whereabouts London website.

Reimagining neighbourhoods in this way could help us all. Local authorities could work out how to share their services with each other; transport providers could tailor their services to travellers better than ever; behavioural change campaigns could be targeted in new ways to make them work more effectively. The possibilities are just as rich as the data.

But we want every city to have its own Whereabouts, to help them improve and prosper. So we’ve also produced a short guide so that individuals and organisations can create their own, wherever they are in the world.

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