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Urban Technology Testbed at Future Cities Catapult

Urban Technology Testbed at Future Cities Catapult

In order for businesses to develop valuable products and services that will create a positive impact on the future of cities, we believe it’s important to test and demonstrate innovative solutions in a controlled real-life environment. That’s why we’re launching a new programme to enable companies to pilot their products and services in the real-life setting of the Urban Innovation Centre, which we’ve filled with sensors and tools to establish a baseline to measure impact against.

Companies with innovative products and services that could improve air quality, energy efficiency or comfort within a building can test out theories and develop their own case studies by using the UIC. We’re going to welcome SMEs to the testing environment in 2019.

Companies that take part will gain a range of benefits as well as data insights. We’ll provide access to the space, as well as networking opportunities and potential advice, plus chance to collaborate with peers.

To find more and apply to join, see this page for all the details.


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