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The Tombolo project will provide the software systems, support services and a community of practitioners that will together deliver a new tool for interconnecting urban models. The tool will help policy makers, planners, designers and developers make better, evidence-based decisions, tailored to the cities they work in.

Future Cities Catapult are partnering with Space Syntax to deliver the Tombolo project. Now in its third year, Tombolo aims to contribute to the supply of advanced modelling capabilities in the UK market, whilst stimulating demand for modelling in cities.

We believe that improving data modelling capabilities will help policy makers, planners, designers and developers make even better, evidence-based decisions for the cities they work in.

To achieve this goal, the Tombolo project has developed a new piece of open-source software, called the Digital Connector. The Digital Connector is designed to interconnect datasets and urban models, enabling urban specialists to create models from a wide range of data sources. The software can integrate hard infrastructure models and soft human-behavioural models and datasets. Due to a modular structure, the software can also be expanded by users to accommodate a range of diverse datasets.

Using exports from the Digital Connector, we have been working with city authorities, academics and industry partners to design and build prototype data modelling applications to address specific local challenges. These web-based data applications allow users to quickly gather insights from multiple data sources, demonstrating the power and value of integrated urban modelling for addressing real city problems.

The Tombolo Digital Connector will be released as open source in early 2018 and we’re currently looking for testing partners and early adopters.

If you’re passionate about urban data and are keen to be involved, please get in touch!

Tombolo is a 3-year project, partly funded by InnovateUK, the UK’s innovation agency.

Contact Jon Robertson Project Manager or Börkur Sigurbjörnsson Technical Lead for more information.

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