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The City Standards Network

No two cities are the same. They often compete with each other, showcasing their unique personalities to attract investment and people. But they all face common challenges and opportunities. In an increasingly urbanising world it’s essential for cities to work together, learn from each other, and develop globally-recognised standards that enable scalable city solutions.

This isn’t easy. Industry, academia, and cities themselves are all working in isolation to develop products and services for the cities of today and tomorrow. Yet there’s nothing tying this work together. As a result cities must navigate a fragmented marketplace with little confidence in what’s available. The same is true for industry and academia, which hold back on investment because they can’t be sure their products and services will be rolled out at scale.

The City Standards Network is helping to build a more unified, collaborative approach to creating, refining, and implementing global standards to help cities become smarter and more citizen-friendly. We’re bringing together standards development organisations (SDOs), city networks, industry, and standards specialists in government to create a better understanding of the challenges facing these groups. We’re starting in the UK but we’ll be working internationally to enable UK cities and industry to benefit from global best practices and city markets.

We launched on the 17th September 2018 and held an interactive workshop which helped us gain an understanding of the audience’s perception of the network and the priorities we should be focusing on. You can find a video and the outcomes from this workshop here.

What we’re trying to achieve

We want SDOs to work together to develop consistent packages of standards that meet global city needs. And cities and their citizens to benefit from smart products and services created as a result of these globally-recognised standards and good practice.

Help us build the future of cities

  • Industry has the opportunity to get involved, by working with us to identify where standards (or a lack of) are a barrier for new innovative products and services.  They can also work with us to ensure that city-driven standards are written in a way that will create the best conditions for open innovation.
  • Local Authorities can get involved by engaging in our city standards interest group and ensuring their needs and priorities are clearly represented in the standards development process.
  • Standards and best practice organisations can collaborate with us to ensure there is coordination in the development of standards and to help develop standards that meet city needs and grow the market .
  • We also work with Governments to bring together the network to help shape standards that support grand challenges such as the Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth strategy.

Interested in joining us or finding out more?

You’re a part of this and we want to know what you think. Who should form this network? Which groups should be targeted first? What activities should we support?

Help us create and disseminate effective city standards so we can build the cities of the future.



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