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Open Call - Innovating With Eurotunnel

Open Call - Innovating With Eurotunnel

Calling all UK SMEs to propose innovative real time data and predictive maintenance solutions to make Eurotunnel’s rolling stock more efficient.

Eurotunnel has partnered with Future Cities Catapult to identify the most relevant UK SMEs and start-ups to improve the management of its rolling stock. The selected SMEs will be brought to an open-innovation event organised by Eurotunnel on 27 November in Calais, France. They will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions in front of a panel of their rail experts and a chance to sign an open-innovation partnership.


Eurotunnel, a subsidiary of Getlink, operates the Cross-Channel Fixed Link. This is the world’s busiest rolling motorway and accounts for 25% of trade between the UK and continental Europe.

By opening its 890-acre infrastructure to innovative companies for tests on rolling stock fleet and tests on a closed network, the group wishes to open to the innovation ecosystem and experiment with SMEs and start-ups on both sides of the Channel.

Eurotunnel invites UK companies ready to market innovations for rolling stock to get in touch with Future Cities Catapult in October to check if they are eligible to participate in this initiative. The Catapult will then invite a shortlist of companies to apply for Eurotunnel’s challenge (before 15 October). A cohort of 5 UK companies will be selected by Eurotunnel early November to meet their rolling stock experts on 27 November at the Coquelles site (Calais, France).

Rolling stock & maintenance

Priority will be given to innovations on rolling stock, although railway infrastructure is also of interest

  1. Predictive maintenance
  2. Real-time diagnosis/real-time position
  3. Measuring sensors
  4. On-board computer systems
  5. Transmitting and analysing large amounts of data
  6. Remote troubleshooting
  7. Remote detection
  8. Photos/high-speed video

If of interest, here are the detailed technical specifications the Eurotunnel challenge is targeting.

Interested in getting involved?

  1. We encourage all UK SMEs with innovative data solutions applicable to Eurotunnel’s rolling stock to submit a short expression of interest here.
  2. If you’re shortlisted by our SME team, you will then be invited to submit your proposal to Eurotunnel’s dedicated online platform (deadline: Wednesday 17 October 2018)

For more information, contact: Nadia Echchihab or Darren Balcombe

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