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LIFE- Life First Emergency Traffic Control

LIFE - Life First Emergency Traffic Control

Ambulance services across the UK are required to meet 75% of life-threatening cases within 8 minutes to guarantee NHS funding and avoid fines.

Many struggle to meet this target and aging demographics, a growing population and continual public health cuts put additional strain on resources.

Funded by Innovate UK and led by Red Ninja, the Life First Emergency Traffic Control (LIFE) project, which will run until November 2017, brings together the Future Cities Catapult, the Transport Systems Catapult and DYNNIQ to develop innovative solutions for reducing the time it takes emergency vehicles to reach patients in a critical condition.

Future Cities Catapult’s role in the project was to complete research and generate insights for the project team as they designed a new product to reduce ambulance journey times.

Future Cities Catapult has completed its delivery role on the project now but continues to remain an ongoing project partner.”

Follow the project through our blogs on this site. For more information on the project visit the official website here and our twitter account here.

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