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Housing Deep Retrofit Project

If the UK is to meet its climate change goals, we must radically reduce our domestic energy use. Since 80% of the homes we will be living in by 2050 have already been built, a nationwide programme to stimulate the market for deep retrofit and refurbishment of existing stock could be the only way to deliver the required carbon savings.

Domestic energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the UK’s total energy budget, and 20% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction in carbon emissions from domestic properties is essential to achieve the goals of the 2008 Climate Change Act.

The “Homes fit for the future – accelerating the deep retrofit market” was a joint event organised by Connected Places Catapult, Innovate UK and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET) to debate how we can upgrade our housing stock to tackle the challenge of climate change and meet the future needs of our citizens. A summary of the findings from the event can be found here.

A recommended first step was to create an industry-wide roadmap to zero-carbon homes, to understand the costs, the benefits, and the technical, behavioural, financial, and legal barriers that must be overcome.

Connected Places Catapult’s Housing Deep Retrofit project will seek to work together with other stakeholder groups to develop an industry roadmap and seek Government support to make it happen.

To continue to be part of this conversation and contribute to the project, please email info-LDN@cp.catapult.org.uk

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