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Future of Planning - Project Iceberg

Future of Planning - Project Iceberg

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Project Iceberg is an exploratory project undertaken by Future Cities Catapult, British Geological Survey (BGS) and Ordnance Survey (OS) during 2016-17. The project aims to address the serious issue of the lack of information about the ground beneath our cities and the un-coordinated way in which the subsurface space is managed.

Difficulties relating to data capture and sharing of information about subsurface features are well understood by some sectors and have been explored in previous research and industry reports, many of which are highlighted in this report. This study does not replicate past work, but rather reviews outcomes and explores the barriers to wider uptake of subsurface management systems within integrated city management.

Our long-term goal is to help increase the viability of land for development and de-risk future investment through better management of subsurface data.  To help achieve this, our study aimed to enable a means to discover and access relevant data about the ground’s physical condition and assets housed within it, in a way that is suitable for modern, data driven decision-making processes.


Project Iceberg considered both physical infrastructure (i.e. underground utilities) and natural ground conditions (i.e. geological data) and focussed on three key areas, Market Research and Analysis; Data Operation Systems, and; Identification of Use Cases.  Work on these themes is now complete and the findings have been published in the following open reports.

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