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Future Of Planning

Future Of Planning

Future Cities Catapult has launched the Future of Planning. This programme will explore how user focused design, data and digital innovation can improve the UK planning system.

Future Cities Catapult will be inviting the submission of ideas for functional prototypes that explore how user-focused design, data and digital innovation can improve the UK planning system. Watch this space for more information about the open call to be announced in early December.

To find out more, contact Euan or Stef.

Future of Planning aims to build a picture of a faster, more transparent and equitable planning system that delivers the kinds of homes, communities and cities we want. To ensure we create a desirable vision, that the solutions suggested are feasible and the new business models we create are viable, we have set up a Sounding Board with practitioners. This Sounding Board includes planners, architects, activists, urbanists, developers and councillors. To raise our ambition and broaden our understanding of the art of the possible, we have created two Innovator Panels (London + Outside London), made up of academics, start-ups and young professionals full of ideas for improving the system.

As part of this programme we have already committed to researching ‘state of the art’ innovations in planning from around the world; conducting in-depth user research with partner Planning Authorities across England, and identifying challenges and concepts for entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop further and take to market. We’re sure there’s much more we can do to create the space for planners to plan, to increase certainty for developers and enable communities to understand and engage with planning.

For more information about the programme, to share your ideas or to get involved, get in touch with Euan Mills or Stefan Webb or join the conversation on Twitter using #futureofplanning or by following Euan and Stef.

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