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Future Of Planning

Future Of Planning

Future Cities Catapult has launched the Future of Planning, a programme exploring how digital innovation, urban data, and user-centred design can improve the UK planning system.

To find out more, contact Euan or Stef.

Future of Planning aims to de-risk and prove the demand for the data-driven and digitally-enabled products and services required to create a planning system fit for the 21st century. To ensure we create a desirable vision, that the solutions suggested are feasible and the new business models we create are viable, we have set up a Sounding Board which includes planners, architects, activists, urbanists, developers and local authority councillors.

As part of this programme we researched the State of the Art innovations in planning from around the world in order to understand the leading edge technologies transforming the planning sector today. We also conducted in-depth user research to understand the most common challenges faced by those involved in the planning system as well as the opportunity areas for innovation. Building on this, we launched the Prototyping the Future of Planning Open Call to identify and support those with good ideas for tweaking and transforming the system.

The Future of Planning programme is committed to creating the space for planners to plan, to increase certainty for developers and enable communities to understand and engage with the planning process. We’re building the partnerships and supporting experimentation that will help usher in a planning system fit for the 21st century. Along the way we’ve been blogging about how and why we think the system needs to change and using video to document our journey to date.

For more information about the programme, to share your ideas or to get involved, get in touch with Euan Mills or Stefan Webb or join the conversation on Twitter using #futureofplanning or by following Euan and Stef.


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