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Electric Vehicles – Delivering an Excellent User Experience

** Please visit this page for the latest report, released in July 2019 **


The electrification of transport is now a certainty. Advancement in battery technologies has made the large-scale adoption of batteries as the power source for automotive vehicles possible and feasible.

While electric vehicle performance continues to improve, consumer acceptance – and therefore wide scale adoption – will be dependent on delivering an excellent user experience.

Building on a collaborative research project published in 2018 titled ‘Electric Vehicles Towards an Excellent User Experience’, Future Cities Catapult in partnership with Digital Catapult, Transport Systems Catapult, Energy Systems Catapult and Innovate UK continue its endeavour to explore the capabilities of advanced digital technologies to help revolutionise the user experience of electric vehicle (EV) customers.

Our research will explore areas such as data landscapes around electric vehicles and associated industries, digital technologies, ethics and standards. A subsequent report will be developed to highlight the opportunities to evolve public understanding around EVs and address key concerns such as charging point availability and range uncertainties. Findings will feed into future national initiatives across the UK for the electric vehicle market.

Interested in getting involved?

We are looking for input from key industry players across sectors to contribute to our research in the following areas:• City planners• Energy providers• Manufacturers of EVs• Telecoms• Innovators in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, Internet of Things / Future Networks (Low Powered Wide Area Networks, 5G)

You can also contribute to our research by populating an online survey: Electric Vehicle Data Landscape Survey.

If you would like to participate and contribute to our research either by phone or by participating in project workshops please contact cordelia.oconnell@digicatapult.org.uk.

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