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Future Cities Catapult launches the City Standards Network

17 September saw the launch of the City Standards Network, a network bringing together standards development organisations (SDOs), city networks, industry, and standards specialists in government to build a more unified, collaborative approach to creating, refining, and implementing global city standards.

The network will leverage each group’s standards expertise through knowledge sharing, identifying challenges and opportunities, developing new standards and best practice and providing tools and methods to support adoption. Achieving this goal means cities will be built to a more resilient set of standards, better preparing them for urban expansion.

We welcomed over 70 people at the launch, with a mix of SDOs, central government, local government, SMEs, large businesses and academics.

Speakers included representatives from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, British Standards Institution, iStandUK and Open & Agile Smart Cities. We touched upon the importance of standards for Cities, UK Central and Local government work on digital transformation and an international perspective on standards.

There was an interactive workshop session to help shape the direction of the City Standards Network, where participants brainstormed current problems with city standards and how the CSN could tackle these problems.

Rob Whitehead, Programme Director for Knowledge and Communications at Future Cities Catapult said, “The network will encourage the standards being developed to be guided by the needs of cities and inform the relationships between cities and prospective suppliers to help provide better services and solutions.”

We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of people to review with us the important area of city standards. The feedback, both on the day, and on into the future, will be extremely valuable to our ongoing effort to support the widespread development and uptake of standards for cities.

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