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Cityx – the Future Cities Expo launches

Government-funded Future Cities Catapult today launches Cityx its first three-day expo showcasing the very latest in how data and technology can meet the challenges faced by 21st century cities. The Future Cities Expo will focus on the best and brightest innovations from the growing Advanced Urban Services sector – a sector estimated to be worth $1trn globally by 2023.

This evening’s launch event will set the scene with a VIP panel discussion around public trust in the use of data. Over the next three days, more than 60 speakers and panellists will deepen the collective understanding of the needs of cities and other urban places – and the ways data and technology can meet those needs. New partnerships will be brokered between buyers and suppliers, laying the ground for innovations to be adopted and scaled across the country, and globally.

Day 1 looks at the Adaptable City and the enormous potential being explored by innovative UK businesses designing solutions which capitalise on the wealth of data collated with each planning application. 43% of local plans are over five years out of date; the digitisation of planning offers an unprecedented opportunity to make planning ‘smarter’ and exponentially more efficient.

Day 2 tackles the urgent need to reduce air pollution in cities. With 92% of the world’s population affected by poor air quality and over 400,000 premature deaths across Europe alone each year, data and technology are being applied in new ways to save lives.

Day 3 explores how innovation offers new ways to reduce congestion and make moving across cities smoother and healthier for citizens. Congestion in England on the strategic road network costs the economy £2bn every year while cycling to work can reduce chances of developing heart disease and cancer by 46%. From apps, shared transport solutions and human-centred planning, sessions will look at how reducing congestion can go hand in hand with improving health and reducing social isolation indicators.

Future Cities Catapult’s CEO, Nicola Yates OBE said: “Cities are engines of productivity and prosperity. As cities grow and evolve, new solutions are required to keep those engines running smoothly. Our first Cityx Expo is everything Future Cities Catapult is about – inspiring ideas from the front line and leading-edge innovation.”

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