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SMEs invited to collaborate for Fast Track Innovation Funding

Future Cities Catapult is seeking SMEs to collaborate in the next round of applications of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) in October. FTI is part of H2020 and has the goal of promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities.

What type of SMEs are we looking for?

For this competition we are looking for high-growth potential and mature SMEs that are ready for market uptake activities, including piloting, test-beds, system validation in real-world conditions, validation of business models, etc. The technology should have already been tested in a relevant environment (at least Technology Readiness Level 6).


  • Capability to provide match-funding. FTI’s funding rate for SMEs is 70% of the overall project costs.
  • Internal resources available to dedicate to a collaborative development of the bid.


  • Existing knowledge of European Commission funding mechanisms.
  • Network in of potential partners in the UK and Europe.

What type of projects are we looking for?

We are looking for projects that can promote a sector-wide transformation and disrupt markets in the Advanced Urban Services sector. More specifically, we are looking for innovative projects in the following thematic areas:

  • Digital Built Environment (BIM, BMS, digital planning, design, construction)
  • Housing
  • Future of Planning
  • Urban Mobility
  • Well-being

Why collaborate with us?

  •  Connections with other relevant partners of the industry and academia in UK and EU.
  • A team of multidisciplinary experts in the advanced urban services sector, including urban planners, data scientists, service designers, researchers, market analysts, economists, among others.
  • Experience delivering H2020 projects
  • Enabling route to markets

What we cannot offer as Future Cities Catapult

  • Additional funding or funding to cover your co-funding activities.
  • Write the bid on your behalf.

If your SME meets the above criteria and is interested in collaborating with us, please complete this form. We are accepting applications until the 1st September 2018. More information about the Fast Track to Innovation can be found here.

Once you have submitted the application form we aim to give you feedback within 2 weeks.

We always receive a high level of applications and we endeavour to give each SME feedback on their application. We are always looking for new SMEs to work with, therefore if you are unsuccessful at this point we invite you to keep applying to opportunities in the future. To learn more about the selection process, click here.

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