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New Technologies for Citizen Consultation

New Technologies for Citizen Consultation

New market opportunities are emerging for gaming and technology companies in cities, where their innovative ideas can bring fresh momentum to public consultations. Find out how to get involved, and improve citizen engagement in the process

Asking consumers and citizens about the products and services they use is incredibly valuable for the organisations that provide them. It helps them understand what people want and think, and can inform and involve citizens in choices about how products and services are provided.

Digital consultations can help to sample how much people are prepared to pay for their utilities and public transport, for example. They can also assess how much disruption citizens are prepared to endure to secure good services in the future. A large market has sprung up for businesses specialising in online consultations, but encouraging people to contribute is increasingly challenging.

These days, most people are bombarded with online polls and surveys, so at the Catapult we decided to look at how gaming technology could make consultations feel more like fun.

The results revealed a potential new market for innovative UK companies, and a much more entertaining way for people to give their views and opinions on quite serious issues.

London in 2036

We took one city — London — and developed a game whereby its residents could choose how they would design their city for two decades hence, given the changing demographics and resource constraints. The game was made available for people to play at an exhibition about the the use of data in the centre of the city.

Exhibitions are just one environment in which cities and service providers can consult and inform their users. Interactive screens, digital street furniture and online and social media could provide others.

Are you a technology company or game designer with fresh ideas for building consultation tools? Drop us a line.

Could you use a digital tool like the one we built to engage people and inform policies? Get in touch

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