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Integrated Urban Infrastructure

Integrated Urban Infrastructure

At Future Cities Catapult, we take the challenging first steps of urban innovation so that others can leap forward more easily.

More urban areas will be created during the first three decades of the 21st century than in all of human history. However, city infrastructure is ageing, expensive to maintain and does not yet capitalise on opportunities for integration.

We are harnessing new technologies to help cities and firms deliver integrated infrastructure that make cities work more smoothly, efficiently and sustainably. This means better co-ordination across silos, enabling cheaper deployment and maintenance of infrastructure, more efficient streets and buildings, meeting our climate change obligations and more efficient ‘land use planning’ processes.

Learn more about some of our Integrated Urban Infrastructure projects:

Future of Planning 


Cities Standards Institute

To deliver these projects, we are collaborating with academia and the research base, companies, city administrators, Innovate UK and the Catapult network. SMEs and large firms as well as cities and their citizens are the main beneficiaries of our work.

By making infrastructure and services smarter, we are not only helping support UK businesses in a rapidly growing sector but also enabling cities across the country to become more efficient and productive.

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