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Healthy Cities

Healthy Cities

When we change cities, we change the lives of its citizens. From how people live, work, travel and find happiness, every project we do at Future Cities Catapult positively impacts the community.

City living comes with many benefits but it can also increase the chance of damaging health conditions; especially those linked to stress, social isolation, noise and air pollution.

Through better understanding, measurement and analytics and innovation across traditional sectors, we are helping companies develop and deploy new services and products that produce healthier city environments. We are tackling issues surrounding poor air quality and reducing the mental health costs of city living.

Learn more about some of our Healthy Cities projects:



Sensing London

Things Connected

To deliver these projects, we are collaborating with academia and the research base, companies, city administrators, Innovate UK and the Catapult network. The main beneficiaries of our work will be SMEs and large firms as well as cities and their citizens.

By making infrastructure and services smarter, we are not only helping support UK businesses in a rapidly growing sector but also enabling cities across the country to become more efficient and productive.

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