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Third Thursday - Neuroscience for the Built Environment

This month's flagship networking event at Future Cities Catapult will focus on Neuroscience for the Built Environment.


How can we learn from neuroscience to make cities better? How can we bridge the gap between lab-based science and real-world urban challenges?

Historically, planners and policy-makers have thought of cities in relation to buildings and infrastructure rather than the people that inhabit them. Organisations like Future Cities Catapult and The Centric Lab are looking to change this.

Join Araceli Camargo, a cognitive neuroscientist and Lab Director for The Centric Lab and Scott Cain, Chief Business Officer for Future Cities Catapult to discuss these issues.

Araceli has worked as a science communicator, specifically in cognitive neuroscience for the last three years. As a Lab Director, she works alongside Dr Hugo Spiers from UCL to understand how people experience and are affected by the physical environment.

Future Cities Catapult has commissioned The Centric Lab to produce a report, published in April that will look at the opportunities neuroscience can present for the betterment of cities.

Complimentary drinks will be provided.

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