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Third Thursday: “Innovation: What’s in it for us?”


As the world is changing in fundamental ways, innovation is transforming how we live and work.  The proportion of older population in our societies are growing, the way we use energy is changing rapidly, and societies in general are becoming more globalised.  In this talk, we will help you understand what the main industrial challenges that are, and what you can do for your organisation to grow.  We will particularly focus on small-medium enterprises and their connections with the wider stakeholders, including local authorities, the government, academia and research.

We will be sharing knowledge on:

  • Harnessing networks to promote commercial, research and development work
  • Upskilling organisations to create a robust supply chain
  • Creating spaces to grow and foster technology and business innovation in your particular sector
  • Connecting growth locations in your area, such as with accelerators and technology parks.
  • Delivering innovation programs to promote innovation and enterprise activities, which then delivers outputs for your organisation in the most productive way.

Register now to benefit from having a better understanding of the challenges, and actions that you can take now to overcome barriers to growth. We will close with having your say on what you think your contributions may be in creating innovation and growth for your organisation.


18:30 Registration

19:00 Talk starts

19:30 Networking

20.30 Event close

Complimentary drinks and canapes will be provided.

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