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Third Thursday - Crowdfunding local places: a definitive guide for local authorities


Join Future Cities Catapult and Spacehive as we launch a new crowdfunding guide for local authorities.

Cities are increasingly using crowdfunding to democratise the way places are created and funded: from new street markets and revamped playgrounds, to gardens planted on derelict railway lines. This report studies the progress of the first wave of local authorities making use of this approach, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of doing so.

Download the report here


The conversation will explore ways to drive a project and will be led by:

  • Scott Cain, CBO, Future Cities Catapult
  • Chris Gourlay, Founder, Spacehive
  • James Parkinson, Greater London Authority
  • Angela Harrington, Head of Work & Skills, Manchester City Council

If you are curious about Future Cities Catapult, would like to learn more about crowdfunding, or are interested in collaboration opportunities generally then join our evening networking event for local authorities, academia, SMEs and other stakeholders operating in the urban environment.

“Spacehive is a new form of grassroots regeneration that’s empowering communities to shape their local area.” Theresa May

“Our crowdfunding initiative is a chance for people to take part in the regeneration of their neighbourhoods from the grassroots up.” Sadiq Khan

Download the agenda for the evening’s event

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