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Third Thursday - SynchroniCity, a € 3 million opportunity to join a global IoT marketplace

Join us in our friendly monthly gathering and understand what a global and synchronised IoT marketplace means for businesses and cities!


Join us in our friendly monthly gathering and understand what a global and synchronised IoT marketplace means for businesses and cities!IoT enabled technologies to present endless opportunities for cities and businesses.

However, when adopting these technologies cities face major barriers such as lack of standardised solutions and interoperability between systems. These barriers hamper opportunities for service providers to deploy smart city services across multiple cities.

Particularly, for small businesses, this is a major barrier preventing them from scaling up.Join us for our next Third Thursday and learn more about SynchroniCity and its opportunities.

This EU-Funded initiative is seeking to create an environment where cities simplify the adoption of IoT enabled and data technologies and where business openly compete and scale their solutions in the global smart city market.The event is also a unique opportunity to become part of this initiative and to network with like-minded organisations, in a friendly environment after a long day of work!

Why attend?

  • Learn more about the creation of a global IoT marketplace
  • Get first-hand information about the €3 million Open Call and the opportunity to demonstrate IoT and IoT enabled solutions across Europe and beyond
  • Network and connect with potential partners

Who should attend?

We are inviting a range of start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, local government representatives, accelerators, incubators, investors, and whoever is interested in supporting business to scale across borders.You should attend if you are:

  • A start-up or an SME with a tested IoT or IoT-enabled solution
  • Looking for funding to scale your IoT or IoT enabled solution
  • A local authority interested in partnering with start-ups and SMEs, to demonstrate the power of IoT solutions in tackling urban challenges
  • A start-up or an SME providing complementary services for IoT solutions, including designing, security and privacy, citizen engagement, among others
  • Any other stakeholder interested in becoming part of the SynchroniCity marketplace

The draft agenda is as follows:

5:45 pm Event registrations

6:00pm The networking will start

6:30 pm Welcome and opening, IoT Platform

Jarmo Eskelinen, CITO, Future Cities Catapult

6:40pm  Vision of SynchroniCity Project

Martin Brynskov, SynchroniCity Project Coordinator, Associate professor, Aarhus University and Chair Open & Agile Smart Cities

6:50pm   SynchroniCity and the cities’ perspective
Adrian Slatcher, Principal Resource and Programmes Officer at Manchester City Council

6:55pm SynchroniCity Open Call

Gemma Guilera, SME Programme Lead, Future Cities Catapult

8.15pm Closing


To know more about SynchroniCity visit our website here.

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