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Smart Salon - Keep Cities Moving


In the next 30 years, the UN expects 68% of the global population will be living in cities.

Sustainable urbanisation is the key to successful development and a huge part of that is mobility. All players in the mobility ecosystem share many common goals: improved safety, reduced air pollution and greater access to affordable and efficient means of mobility – but is everyone working together? And just how will people and goods move around dense, urban areas in the future?

Smart Design & Future Cities Catapult invite you to an interactive discussion to unpack both sides of this complex question and connect the dots. Learn from industry leaders and experienced practitioners about how their efforts to design connected mobility solutions have turned out, and mingle with an audience who are passionate about the way forward. Space is limited!

Join us to be part of the conversation and examine what’s next:

  • Collaboration and mobility innovation. Who has collaborated, and how, to succeed?
  • Who’s putting on the brakes? Learn how to overcome barriers by hearing how others have done the same.
  • A balancing act. How can we balance the needs of cities, citizens, and businesses?
  • A collaboration with Urban Innovation Centre


  • Emma Silver, Government Partnerships Lead, Bird
  • Joseph Seal-Driver, Entrepreneur in Residence, InMotion Ventures at Jaguar Land Rover
  • Matteo De Renzi, CEO UK, Gett
  • Ross Peat, Head of Product, Food Digital at Sainsbury’s
  • Sam Clarke, Founder & Head of Business Development, Gnewt
  • Tom Thompson, Product Lead, Last Mile Delivery at Ford

This event is brought by Smart Design and Future Cities Catapult – a collaborative hub for organisations working in urban development and smart cities. The Centre is designed to bring together companies (like us) and individuals (like you) at the forefront of their fields and give them space to collaborate.

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