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Hyperconnected Workshop

Future Cities Catapult will be hosting a workshop on the subject of 5G testbed and demonstrators for cities who are currently implementing or who are interested in rolling out and scaling a 5G demonstrator in the future.


Future Cities Catapult has embarked on a programme of work titled Hyperconnected to uncover the governance and business model challenges which emerge when delivering large scale city demonstrator projects to help identify, shape and develop new proposed tools and methods which could help cities scale and drive commercial products and services.

The focus of the day will cover:

  • Uncovering from stakeholders the challenges and opportunities to implementing and scaling a 5G demonstrator
  • Keynote presentations from 5G experts
  • Insights into Hyperconnected research and tools to help cities implement a 5G demonstrator programme.

For further information on the workshop, please download the events agenda at this link.

The workshop will be taking place on Thursday 20th September from 10am to 3pm at the Urban Innovation Centre.


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