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Housing Innovation Week: Housing and Urban Mobility Talk and Webinar



The digital and data revolutions are transforming market after market, as Marc Andreessen memorably stated, software is ‘eating the world’. These changes are unlocking new ways of creating value and new business models such as the emerging MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service).

The significance of this new service model is its ability to source and manage services as packages based on the consumer’s exact needs. The distinguishing factor for a successful or failing MaaS model is dictated by the intuition of the user experience and how seamlessly it caters to individual end users. As housing providers seek SMART and feasible alternatives for modernising existing housing supply, demand for housing typologies to accommodate each stage of the lifecycle, and the NHS’s push on preventative health and keeping the wider population independent and mobile in their own homes, what is the road map ahead? Can the UK align MaaS and the evolution of housing, how and what are the pitfalls or innovations needed to support the transition?

As part of Connected Places Catapult’s Housing Innovation Week, this event will explore the MaaS and Housing space in a series of short, provocative presentations followed by a panel discussion.

Confirmed speakers:

Who should attend?

This is an open event to attend in person or participants can also sign up as to log into the webinar remotely. Anyone with an interest in the intersection between housing and urban trends is welcome.

Connected Places Catapult has a focus on the technology domain and a mission to work across sector boundaries so we would encourage interest from those working in government, NGOs, academia, designers, housing providers, transport planners and innovative businesses working in the space.


The event will start at 11:00am (UK time) and finish at 12:30pm. Presentations will last approximately 40 minutes with the remainder of the time open for discussion.


This event and webinar is free to attend, if you are interested in taking part please register so we can ensure we provision enough spaces onsite and on the webinar platform.

Webinar participants are encouraged to post questions and the best will be discussed by the panel.

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