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Health and Future Cities

How can technology and the arts work together to improve the health of people in cities?


Supporting the health and wellbeing of citizens is a top priority for city councils, which are facing significant financial pressures and rising demand for services.

Some features of modern city life – from congested commutes to poor air quality, and over-exposure to hyper-stimulating environments – have negative impacts on health. However, these negative features need not be inevitable, and other characteristics of cities actively promote wellbeing.

As part of Innovation Week – Birmingham, join this discussion to learn how cities can harness new technologies and approaches to mitigate the negative health impacts of city life and maximise the benefits – and in particular how cultural institutions and the arts can help cities tell stories that enable people to navigate and grasp those opportunities.

The panellists are:

  • Dr Adrian Phillips – Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council
  • Lucy Barratt – Design Research Coordinator, Future Cities Catapult
  • Gary Topp – Director of Culture Central, Culture Central
  • Susannah Goh – Director of the Institute for Health and Quality of Life, Birmingham City University
  • Kat McEwen – UK Partnerships Manager for CleanSpace Drayson Technologies
  • Sam Markey – UK Cities Engagement Lead, Future Cities Catapult
  • Paul Jordan – Head of Business Development, Energy Systems Catapult

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