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Future Cities Catapult at COP21


How might we encourage more shared and sustainable mobility choices?

In the UK, at least 60%  of journeys in cities/towns are under five kilometres and too many short urban journeys are in cars. With the number of vehicles on the road expected to increase dramatically over the coming years in line with population and economic growth, reducing traffic gridlock and air pollution will be critical considerations in planning. Now is the time to encourage more people to use more sustainable modes of transport. What new ideas, technologies and data can help nudge citizen behaviour towards more sustainable and shared modes of transport, and improve quality of life in cities?

The Future Cities Catapult’s City Data Programme aims to help cities get more value from their data, through engaging citizens, growing business and solving city problems. The Future Cities Catapult, together with Milton Keynes and MK:Smart, conducted an interdisciplinary exploratory research project to better understand current mobility behaviours in Milton Keynes. Our team of anthropologists, service designers and data scientists brought together user-led qualitative research alongside data analysis. We hope the insight and opportunities emerging from the research will help with some of the innovative modes of transport and mobility tools that MK council and MK:Smart are investigating, such as car sharing, ODSV (on-demand small vehicles), EV sharing clubs, autonomous pods and the MK Motion Map.

What is necessary to make sustainable transport as attractive as the personal car? What changes does the culture and system need to make to support new mobility habits?  If people understood the pollution and health impacts, would they change their travel behaviour? What are the assumptions we make when designing human interactions for complex transportation systems? What holistic approach, through council and business policies can help citizens, employers and employees to shift towards more sustainable mobility choices? These are the questions Future Cities Catapult and Sir David King will explore during their presentation at COP21.

Please register by 8th December on the following link.

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