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Co-creation Workshop on City Data Sharing Toolkit


Future Cities Catapult invites you register your interest in joining an all-day workshop on 5 September 2018 in London to help us co-create a City Data Sharing Toolkit.

Over the summer we have been engaging with those who have been involved in sharing city data to understand the processes and outputs of sharing.

At the same time we’ve been developing our understanding of what people want to know about data sharing and what tools they’d find useful. We’re bringing this altogether on 5 September to co-create the first draft of the toolkit and we’re opening up this process to those who are interested in supporting the development of a toolkit.

We’ll be spending the day going through the user research we’ve undertaken so far, exploring the current resources and tools available and co-creating the overview of the toolkit as well as potentially some initial tools.

For the time being we’re focusing on non-personal data for reasons we’ve set out in the project page. If you’re particularly interested in the issues about sharing personal data then this might not be the workshop for you, although please do feel free to come along if you’re also interested in sharing non-personal data.

We’d welcome attendance from those working in either public sector organisations, or in businesses which support public sector organisations, who are:

  • data sharing experts. Perhaps you’re an old hand at sharing data internally and / or externally. You’ve found a process which works for you and your organisation and you’d like to help others do the same.
  • just starting out sharing data. You’ve collected some non-personal data and you’re looking to make this available to other parts of your organisation or potentially others outside your organisation. You’d be keen to help shape a data sharing toolkit

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