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Breakfast Briefing: Smart Cities and Inadvertent Exclusion: A Toolkit for Better and More Inclusive Smart Cities


As more and more smart technologies are incorporated into the fabric of our cities, it has become increasingly pressing to ensure that those technologies reach the audiences they are intended to reach.

This presentation introduces the concept of ‘inadvertent exclusion’, where potential users or consumers of smart city technologies are found not to engage with the possibilities that those smart initiatives can offer. It is argued that this may be the result of a misunderstanding of the importance of social difference in the way that cities work.

Based on two years of research in Milton Keynes, one of the UK’s leading smart cities, by researchers from The Open University and The University of Oxford, this presentation examines how this process of inadvertent exclusion works. Drawing on case studies and examples of good practice, the presentation also sets out a toolkit to avoid inadvertent exclusion and so create better and more inclusive smart cities.


Who should attend?

  • Urban policy makers
  • Smart city tech designers
  • Academics interested in smart cities and social difference


08:30 Registration

09:00 Talks starts

10:00 Close of event


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