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Call Collaboration to work with Future Cities Catapult in Research & Innovation (R&I) projects in 2019

Call Collaboration to work with Future Cities Catapult in Research & Innovation (R&I) projects in 2019

Future Cities Catapult engages with companies, organisations and individuals who want to collaborate on CR&D opportunities to develop and innovate products, services and processes.

Innovation, research and collaboration is at the heart of the Future Cities Catapult. If you have a research idea or want to find a solution for a challenge, Future Cities Catapult can work with you to achieve this goal.

We regularly support SMEs with developing ideas and assist them with the commercialisation of new products, solutions and services. Future Cities Catapult can add value to your proposal by developing new knowledge, crafting market-level solutions with our data insight lab and creating high impact outcomes. SMEs and organisations who have worked with Future Cities Catapult before on CR&D programmes and bids have benefited from our expertise in the urban ecosystem and more broadly in research and innovation.

Benefits of working with FCC:

  • Notice to the latest UK CR&D  and EU funding opportunities
  • Access to specialist teams working across topics concerning urban innovation (mobility, transport, health, etc)
  • Holistic approach to developing ideas, bids, consortiums and project management

What’s next?

When opportunities arise, Future Cities Catapult can develop collaborative consortiums that are competitive to securing funding from major sponsors such as Innovate UK, European Commission, Greater London Authority and many more. Being part of the Catapult family, we can bring together other Catapult centres on strategic bids or grant applications and draw upon a range of technical and specialist  knowledge across our different centres and networks.

If you are interested in collaborating with Future Cities Catapult, please register your interest by email and we will contact you. Please fill in the Expression of Interest Form.

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