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OrganiCity: Co-creating Cities

Cities work best when they bring citizens and businesses together to solve urban challenges. We helped OrganiCity develop the tools to deploy data in development of services that really serve city communities.

When city authorities work with their citizens and businesses to solve city challenges, people in the city are empowered to tackle the issues and work together to solve them. It also allows parties across the city access to data which really shows what the problems are and helps to provide the solutions, whether they be about environmental quality, transport or safety. As citizens are consulted, it helps to build services that work for them.

Yet working collaboratively in this way is a new way of working for many cities and brings new questions and challenges. How do you protect citizens’ data? How do you agree on what action to take? How do you ensure accountability?

So we took part in the EU-funded OrganiCity project to try it out in 14 cities across Europe and provide how-to guides and learnings for other cities to adopt data-based collaborative working.

This kind of joint working can lead to a shift from siloed working to one where city authorities, local pressure groups and others pull together in one direction to solve issues. It is an important approach to city making, providing support and resources for citizens, small businesses, corporations and city authorities to test their new ideas for solving city challenges at a small scale before expanding them to a wider area of the city.

Whether you want to work with others in your city to tackle a specific issue, or you want to introduce collaborative working across a range of city services, OrganiCity provides a framework to get started.

“OrganiCity is extraordinary because it moves way beyond the current state of play in developing new services for and with citizens using technologies in an agile way… all cities and communities, in our view, will need this capacity to make the best of the digital transformation…”  Martin Brynskov, Organicity Project Coordinator

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