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CityX: ideas into action

New markets for IoT solutions

Discover how new social and commercial opportunities for cities, communities and businesses are opening up through the creation of a new market for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

The potential of IoT solutions to transform our cities is enormous with the global market projected to grow significantly in the coming years.

IoT solutions can be applied to tackle many different challenges that cities around the world face, enabling citizens to enjoy a better quality of urban life.

These solutions could be anything from encouraging the use of greener transport, reducing air and noise pollution to services that enable people to engage more in decision making within their cities.

Despite this huge potential, there are still some barriers to bringing IoT solutions to market so that the social, environmental and economic benefits of these emerging technologies benefit more cities and citizens.

Taking a more collaborative approach, involving cities and partners, is helping to open up new ways for IoT innovators to scale these concepts across cities.

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What is SychroniCity?

SychroniCity is an EU-funded, large-scale pilot which enables cities, authorities and innovators to test the foundations of a single, scalable market so new IoT services can be developed and exchanged across EU and potentially global borders.

The aim of the programme is to find solutions that take into consideration the local needs of citizens, the local economy, ethical and privacy requirements while at the same time enabling them to function within other cities.

SychroniCity puts cities at the heart of this process through the collaborative development of a framework in which technical IoT components and principles can be shared.  This will enable new IoT services to be openly developed and replicated from city to city.

For more information visit the official site.

Innovators in SynchroniCity

After an open call across Europe, the first companies have started to work with the cities and partners involved, including the Catapult, and are putting the vision of SychroniCity into action.

UK and European innovators, large and small, are bringing their IoT ideas and expertise to solve city challenges with 16 projects which will lead to the deployment of 51 solutions across 20 cities. This first phase will not only result in helping improve the quality of life within cities for citizens and communities, but it will also demonstrate the potential of this new market and the opportunities this could provide for UK and European wide IoT innovators.

In total there are six UK SMEs and a UK corporate involved in three of these initial projects:

The Active Travel Insights project sees Vivacity Labs Ltd, iSensing Limited, and Tracsis Traffic Data Ltd working with four European cities to address safety issues around active travel on key routes through the application of sensors and city data.

The NoiseAbility project involving UrbanTide Limited and The Lunar Works Ltd focuses measuring noise across three cities and using citizen-centred data with the aim of reducing noise pollution through a digital tool that will predict noise impacts in cities and on citizens.

And BT has joined forces with See.Sense (Limeforge Ltd) to encourage cycling through crowdsourced data-driven insights working in Dublin and Manchester.

In addition to these, other lead countries involved are Denmark; Italy; Spain; Belgium, Finland; France, Serbia and Switzerland.

Read about Scaling City Services Globally through SynchroniCity from Dr Gemma Guilera, SME Programme Lead at the Catapult.

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