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CityX: ideas into action

Future Urban Data Applications

Cities can use and adapt our open-source software to better connect data and predict the impact of policy decisions. There are opportunities for UK businesses to find out how to use, test and develop existing applications or bring new urban modelling tools to the market.

For city planners and developers to predict the impact of their projects and policies on a city, they must often look across, and analyse several datasets.

But urban data sources are not always interoperable.

So we’ve been working with partners to create software applications that aim to help connect urban data sources and make them accessible.

The applications developed so far allow urban planners to view the city as an interconnected whole and to devise innovative solutions for multiple challenges. These can cover the economy, environment, health, transport and other areas, enabling greater efficiency in planning and better outcomes for cities and citizens.

Tombolo Digital Connector

The Tombolo Digital Connector makes it easier to connect data sets relating to socio-demographics, the environment and transportation to provide a holistic picture of complex urban issues; for instance, by enabling urban specialists to identify links between transport infrastructure and long term health problems or identifying vulnerable high risk populations in the least well served part of a city.

By making it easier for data specialists to combine data, the Digital Connector helps speed up the creation of visualisations and models that might generate insight.

The combination of data provides decision-makers in cities with a more detailed overview of the various factors that might be impacting their city’s challenges. It helps them to address issues such as social isolation, accessibility of services and active travel more effectively.

The Tombolo Digital Connector is open source. We want innovative data companies, developers and cities to hack the Digital Connector, build upon it and improve it. If you’re a data specialist, visit our GitHub page to see how you can use the Tombolo Digital Connector.

Urban Data Explorer

The Urban Data Explorer is a visualisation app that allows users to easily visualise and interpret the information from the Digital Connector.

Data specialists can create their own account and visualise their data with the Urban Data Explorer.

New Modelling Services for Cities

New Modelling Services for Cities are additional tools which allow Integrated Urban Models to be created in a more efficient and scalable way.

Read more about the creation of the Tombolo urban data applications.


If you’re interested in city planning or policy making, or in developing new products and tools to improve urban planning, get in touch to find out how you can adopt the Tombolo urban data applications.

We are also looking for testing partners and collaborators with an interest in urban data to get involved and help us develop advanced modelling capabilities in the UK market, so get in touch.

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