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Digital Urban Planning: Planning Application Manager

Find out how local planners are using digital technology to transform an outdated planning application process and the opportunities that this presents for innovative UK companies.

The current planning application process falls short of the needs of people making planning applications, as well as local communities and planning departments.

For applicants, the process is lengthy and difficult to navigate without expert help. It often requires people to revisit the application numerous times to supply additional information.

It is also frustrating for planning officers, who have to spend a long time collating and analysing data before they can make decisions. And on top of this, the current system can’t be tailored for specific local needs.

We needed to find a better solution that’s more transparent and inclusive for everyone.

That’s why we worked with three boroughs and digital developers to look at ideas for a new concept.


Planning Application Manager

Planning Application Manager was one application created to make planning applications quicker and easier.

Hackney Council has recently received funding to develop an alpha version of Planning Application Manager, after demonstrating its viability and benefits. It is due for completion in 2019.

If you are an innovative company with ideas on how to further develop digital planning tools, or a local authority interested in finding out more about what Planning Application Manager can do then get in touch with us.

Want more? Read our blog post on How to Upgrade the Planning Application Service.

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