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Digital Urban Planning: Land Information Portal

Find out how city planning with open data can provide huge opportunities for innovative UK businesses and local authorities.

With our city populations predicted to rise significantly over the coming decades, planning land use for new homes and other infrastructure in an efficient way will become even more important.

To ensure urban planners and developers make well-informed decisions on how to use land for development, they need to be able to visualise important data about a city and the changes it’s likely to undergo.

That way, everyone from major developers and public planners, to businesses and residents can benefit by being able to see and prioritise land for future development.

New digital tools could help to make the housing and land market fairer, and more efficient and transparent.

Land Information Platform

The Catapult, working in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government, created one vision of the future through a conceptual piece of software.

The Land Information Platform shows how it’s possible to have a single access point to all the key data and analysis about land, economic, social and environmental systems in a city.

The platform provides a foundation for other planning organisations and innovative SMEs to build digital urban planning products and services upon. Catapult Director of Planning, Stefan Webb, explains how Land Information Platform attempts to level the playing field.

Contact us about opportunities to digitise your city’s land use planning processes. We can connect you with technical partners and other city authorities with innovative ideas on digitising land planning.

If you’re developing digital software with the potential to revolutionise planning through the use of open data, then we want to hear from you. Book a session to find out the opportunities.

Some opportunities for further innovation

Land Information Platform demonstrates how making data more open and machine readable can provide exciting opportunities for local councils, businesses and technology developers to digitise land planning.

How the platform can help businesses and developers:

Future app store for planning: The platform includes a series of open APIs to allow the market to build the digital simulation tools that would plug into a local authority’s shortlist of site allocations – in essence an App Store for planning.

Simulation software: One example of simulation in the user experience prototype was inspired by one of our Future of Planning Open Call winning tools, SidM, supported by the London Borough of Hackney.

SidM uses development data from planning applications, the current Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment and likely population increases to model their impact on the capacity of primary schools and GPs over time.

How the platform can help local councils and planners:

Understanding development viability: The London Borough of Southwark and the Greater London Authority, have been   exploring how to build a data platform which is a key component of our Land Information Platform concept.

Plan making evidence base: The Land Information Platform can be a home for evidence from local plans.

For example, a Strategic Industrial Land study could be a layer of information and analytics within the platform.

This would allow planners to tweak the amount of industrial land released for housing development; immediately allowing them to see the differing types and levels of impacts.

Talk to us to us about these and other opportunities to revolutionise land planning.

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