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City Cycling Technology

Cycling around town is increasingly popular as urban populations grow. New data and technologies provide an opportunity for innovative UK companies to make cycling safer, easier and more pleasant. Here’s how.

Building an environmentally friendly transport infrastructure is one of the keys to creating a sustainable future for our towns and cities. Cycling is an important contributor to this vision in many urban environments but bike riding in town can still be confusing, dangerous and dirty.

With the emergence of new techniques that link data and augmented reality, this could soon become a thing of the past. Augmented reality could make navigating confusing changes in cycle paths easier at busy junctions. And using real-time traffic and air quality data in navigational cycling applications could direct cyclists away from the busier and more polluted streets.

These are just two examples of how emerging technologies could be developed to create products and services for cyclists in towns.

Are you an innovative UK business, interested in developing cycling technology that could make the lives of cyclists easier and safer and our cities cleaner and more pleasant? Get in touch.

We can help you to develop prototypes which test new technologies and connect data to create tools for cyclists. We can also connect you with other innovative partners interested in developing or adopting city cycling technology.

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