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We work much like a start-up. We began life as a single person at a laptop in Westminster and now we’ve grown up and into our Clerkenwell-based Urban Innovation Centre –but we maintain the same sense of agility that a start-up demands.

Our growing staff means we can quickly create multidisciplinary project teams to deliver innovative new projects and programmes that make a real impact. The flexible design of the organisation means we can get the most out of the diverse variety of skills, backgrounds and perspectives we offer.

We avoid hierarchies and don’t like elaborate bureaucracy, but we do place high expectations on ourselves. Above all, though, we want our team to be excited about what it is we stand for: making cities better places.

What we’re after

Interested in joining the team? Then you’re an expert in your professional field, but understand how what you do fits into a much bigger picture. You’re used to working on projects that bring together different disciplines and thrive on the occasional uncertainty that comes with being part of a new and fast-growing organization.

We’re trying to build the UK’s existing strengths into a new and thriving cities industry, so you’ll happily talk to people from different sectors and learn new skills and knowledge quickly. You’re also highly self-motivated, as happy to work independently on a problem for an afternoon as to lead a small team through an entire project for six months.

You’ll thrive in an environment that sits between public and private, between cities and tech, between research and practice. And, most importantly, you’re excited about working in one of the world’s leading urban innovation centres.

What you’ll get in return

We also have a team dedicated to Strategy, Business Development and Communications and one providing Enabling Services to support our business. If you join our team, you’ll get an opportunity to work on innovative, ground-breaking and world-changing products and services. You’ll work in an organization that means you can take pride in the talent of the people who surround you, and be inspired by coffee-machine conversation on a daily basis.

You will have good pay and benefits, with the opportunity to define your own goals and professional development. We won’t promise you a job for life, and in today’s markets you’re unlikely to stay for decades, but whether it’s a 3-month placement or four years of dedicated work, you’ll build a reputation and range of skills that will set you up to succeed in your next big challenge.

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