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What we do

The Urban Innovation Centre

Future Cities Catapult is based in the Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell - a collaborative hub for organisations working in urban development and smart cities.

Future Cities Catapult shares the space with resident innovators whose specialities range from location data, through city resilience, to the regeneration of high streets. The Centre is designed to bring together companies and individuals at the forefront of their fields and give them space to collaborate.

The events programme at the Urban Innovation Centre is varied and busy. Hosting conferences, workshops, lectures and lunches is a key part of how the Future Cities Catapult engages with its stakeholders. It is a space for city governance to meet citizens, developers to meet residents and project specialists to meet each other and the people they are designing for. Some of our events are even open to the public, giving everyone the opportunity to hear resident innovators and expert guests speak about their work.

Check the Urban Innovation Centre events calendar to see how you can get involved.

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