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Join us on our new journey at the Connected Places Catapult

The Connected Places Catapult has now launched as the newly combined Future Cities and Transport Systems Catapult.

The new Connected Places Catapult accelerates smarter living and travelling, in and between the places of tomorrow and grows businesses with innovations in mobility services and the built environment, that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness – driving even faster growth for the UK economy.

As a new Catapult, we are working across boundaries, bureaucracies, public and private sectors, on a whole system approach to achieve this goal. Like the legacy organisations before it, the new Catapult engages with academic networks, diverse SME ecosystems, business and government departments as it seeks to foster new markets, boost demand for innovation and increase the supply of proven products and services across transport, cities, towns and villages.

The Connected Places Catapult operates out of innovation hubs in London, Milton Keynes, Glasgow and Leeds, as part of an elite network of not-for-profit technology and innovation centres established and overseen by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

All the latest information about our catapult can be found at cp.catapult.org.uk. Head over to our new page and bookmark to keep up-to-date and get involved!

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