We are Future Cities Catapult. We accelerate urban ideas to market, to grow the economy and make cities better. We bring together businesses, universities and city leaders so that they can work with each other to solve the problems that cities face, now and in the future

From our Urban Innovation Centre in London, we provide world-class facilities and expertise to support the development of new products and services, as well as opportunities to collaborate with others, test ideas and develop business models.

We help innovators turn ingenious ideas into working prototypes that can be tested in real urban settings. Then, once they're proven, we help spread them to cities across the world to improve quality of life, strengthen economies and protect the environment.

Our Cities Lab provides data analysis, modeling and visualisation capabilities to understand and elucidate city problems, while on-the-ground demonstrators in our network of collaborating cities provide opportunities for testing new approaches in-situ. Combined, they help us discover which new ideas can have the biggest impact on our urban environments.

By bringing together the UK's top architects, engineers, designers, academics and business professionals, we can help them transform cities on a global scale. We will strengthen the UK's ability to turn excellent urban innovations into commercial reality. 

Our work currently focuses on three core themes: promoting healthy cities, building resilience in urban infrastructure, and designing strategies to help cities adopt and finance smarter technologies. 

What are we working on right now? Sensing Cities is changing how we monitor and measure cities using sensor networks. Cities Unlocked blends technology and user-centred design to make cities easier to navigate. And our Urban Data program is unlocking vital city information so we can understand how our cities really work.

To find out more check out our news page, follow us on Twitter or get in touch.

Who we are and what we do


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