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PlanTech Week 2019: What’s on?

By: Justin Kliger, Senior Urbanist (Architecture), Connected Places Catapult

PlanTech Week 2019 is fast approaching, and we’re thrilled to announce a fantastic line-up of speakers, launches, events, activities and experiences.

Industry-leading speakers

The speakers and demonstrators from across the PlanTech world appearing at PlanTech Week, include:

A new future for planning

Alongside these industry-leading talks and presentations, we will also be launching our vision for a digital future for planning, developed in close collaboration with the Royal Town Planning Institute. This will outline what the future role of central government might be in a digital planning system, as well as spatial visions, development management and more agile local plans.

The PlanTech AR Experience

Perhaps most excitingly, we will also be unveiling the inaugural PlanTech Experience. This fully immersive, augmented reality-led journey demonstrates how today’s complex planning information could be made more accessible and understandable through technology.

Experience the future of planning from every perspective

At PlanTech Week 2019, visitors will have the opportunity to experiment with bespoke technology that brings a digital model of a new development wholly to life, creating a hands-on experience of how this technology could benefit stakeholders at both ends of the planning process of the future. Which hat will you try on in the model – property developer or member of the public? Why not try both journeys for a full immersion in the possibilities of our future vision?

In this model, property developers will be able to:

  • search for a new development opportunity and accompany a digital model through to submission as a planning application.
  • experience planning and development constraints in near-to-real world digital twins of our cities.

All of which will create more certainty and help speed up the planning application process because it will front-load scheme development before a meeting with local planning authorities. This is also going to reduce pressure on local planning authorities.

Meanwhile, in this same model, the general public (including neighbours and community groups etc) can:

  • engage with the proposed scheme’s impact assessments and submit feedback to the planning authority.
  • easily, review, interact and comment on an application via an easy-to-understand digital platform.

All of which will make engagement more authentic and useful, ultimately delivering buildings and places that more accurately reflect what people want and need.

For some time now, PlanTech innovators have been talking about the future being a little way off, but, in truth it is already here, and you can experience it now at PlanTech Week 2019.

Get your tickets to PlanTech Week now and experience the future of planning for yourself.

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