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Blog - Plantech Week 2019 speaker line-up finalised

By Justin Kliger, Senior Urbanist (Architecture), Connected Places Catapult

As the advancement of technology accelerates faster and faster, the business and tech ecosystems seemingly continue to accrue all manner of neologisms to help succinctly identify and categorize emerging concepts, ideas, technologies and activities – things like FinTech, GreenTech, CannaTech, BioTech, RegTech, PropTech, and so on.  

So perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised, when we launched our Future of Planning programme in 2016, by the sheer quantity and quality of concepts, ideas, prototypes and activities that would be unleashed in its wake. 

But here we are now, in 2019, and PlanTech has become an entire system of digital planning and built environment services, with local PlanTech communities emerging as far afield as Australia, Finland, the United States and Singapore, to name just a few. These new tools are rapidly nurturing a nascent and growing market that is accelerating planning productivity and ultimately delivering a more transparent planning system with more sustainable outcomes for cities.

Which is why this year’s PlanTech Week will be the biggest and most comprehensive yet. From 17 – 19 September, PlanTech Week 2019 will showcase how the PlanTech market is maturing from ideas to action and implementation.

The week kicks off with a keynote panel discussing how technology is changing the places we plan for and, of course, how we actually plan them. Stefan Webb, Director of Digitising Planning at Connected Places Catapult, will be joined on the panel by Lou Downe, Director of Transformation for Homes England, Jeff Risom, Chief Innovation Officer for Gehl Architects, and Sarah Gold, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Projects by If

Two sessions will be devoted solely to emerging PlanTech communities, with speakers dialing in from eight locations around the globe. And, in traditional Catapult fashion, there will also be sessions dedicated to British talent in both the public and private sectors, highlighting PlanTech initiatives being developed by the likes of the Greater London Authority, Gateshead Council and the London Borough of Hackney as well as Placemake, Urban Intelligence and Built ID.

Furthermore – and given that the event is all about technological innovation in planning – we’ll be unveiling our very latest demonstration of the capabilities of tech in the form of the PlanTech Experience. This fully immersive, augmented reality-led journey demonstrates how today’s complex planning information could in the near future be made more accessible and understandable through technology. The journey will take visitors to the experience through a fictional, proposed development of the future, and will demonstrate how site search and appraisal, digital design and planning engagement might work by 2029. 

So, we look forward to welcoming you to PlanTech Week 2019, where you can experience first hand how what began as just a kernel of an idea in 2016, has since opened the floodgates to avalanche of insights and observations into the state of built environment practice today, creating an increasing number of new businesses, products and services along the way. 

Get your tickets to Plantech Week now, and help us build the future of planning. 

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