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Join the Future of Planning on Slack

Since October 2016 we’ve been exploring how digital innovation, urban data, and user-centred design can improve the UK planning system. We believe that the adoption of technologies, such as machine learning, augmented reality and IoT, can improve the responsiveness and efficiency of planning and transform how citizens engage with the planning system.

As part of our work at Future Cities Catapult, we have been working with SMEs, planning authorities and the market to begin prototyping the future planning system.

Since our programme around PlanTech has kicked into full gear, we’ve been hearing from a few people that they’d find it useful to have an online space to exchange ideas and learnings within the digital planning sector. When we first started thinking about digital planning, there were only a handful of projects and it was easy to keep track of what was happening on each. This number is rapidly growing and we’re already seeing some duplication of work and thinking.

We’ve set up a public Slack workspace in response, dedicated to all discussions around the digitisation of planning – from standards, to events and tools. There are already a number of channels dedicated to individual projects. We are always looking for more and think this would be a great platform for an online PlanTech community.

Feel free to join in the conversation in the Slack workspace. Sign up and become part of the workspace here.

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