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Step Inside a VR Headset - Igloo Vision Shared VR Experience

If you’ve ever used a VR headset, you’ll know how it can transform the experience of design, and offer a completely new understanding of creative projects. That’s why we’re excited to be hosting Igloo Vision’s shared VR pod at the Urban Innovation Centre in central London.

The shared VR experience is like stepping into a giant VR headset and offers the opportunity to showcase a project to several people all at once. It’s a unique way of seeing designs, prototypes and more come to life.

Whether its a film, a CAD flythrough or 360° projection, the cylinder offers the opportunity to showcase and explore conceptual designs to entire groups of clients.

This commercial, multiple-user adaptation of a solitary VR headset experience allows you to combine presentations with three-dimensional visual aids, sharing the content with many people at once. For presenters, the shared experience allows opportunity to gauge reactions from the audiences, as well as respond to any questions in real-time.

Igloo offers easy-to-use functions, being able to read models from multiple different CAD applications including AutoCAD, Sketchup and Revit. It offers the user full navigation control, through its easy-to-use remote controller system that is fully compatible with personal touch screen smart devices.

Based in the Urban Innovation Centre, the Igloo Vision cylinder is available for hire. Whether your event, workshop or team meeting is about urban innovation in its broadest sense or relates to a very specific city issue, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

To find out more about what the shared VR experience can offer or to book in, contact our Events team.




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